ÖKS15 as basis für ÖKS26+

The Austrian climate scenarios from 2015 (ÖKS15) reflect the latest scientific knowledge on the subject of how climate change will manifest itself in Austria in the future. A consortium consisting of GeoSphere Austria (previously: ZAMG), the Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change (WEGC) and the interfaculty department of Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg (Z_GIS) has developed climate scenarios for Austria (ÖKS15) on behalf of the federal government and the federal states.

They are based on Euro Cordex datasets. Together with the analyzes derived from them, they provide an overview of climate change effects in Austria and are available free of charge to the scientific community via the Climate Change Center Austria (CCCA).

ÖKS15 final report. Source: ÖKS15 consortium

Data and reports

  • The final report is intended for those who are interested in the methodology and more comprehensive results.
  • For decision-makers at the federal level, the summary for decision-makers gives a good first overview of the most important results.
  • Factsheets with information tailored to the respective federal state target decision-makers in the federal states.

The datasets from the project and the federal state factsheets are available to the scientific community free of charge and online via the CCCA data portal. (Status: 09/14/2022)

The final report, the summary of the results for decision-makers and fact sheets for the federal states can be found on the BMK website (as of September 2022).

Factsheets for all federal states

ÖKS15 Factsheet Burgendland - Grafiken für beobachtete Lufttemperatur und simulierte Temperaturänderung. Quelle: ÖKS-Konsortium

Evaluation and data usage of ÖKS15 datasets

Following the publication of the ÖKS15 reports, a guideline for the use of the ÖKS climate change simulations and the corresponding gridded observation datasets was published in the STARC Impact project.

Titelblatt der STARC impact guideline
Guideline zur Nutzung der ÖKS15-Daten. Quelle: STARC-Impact Projekt

More projects and data based on the ÖKS15

Many products, fact sheets and maps based on the Austrian climate scencarios (ÖKS15) are available in German only. To see more projects and information, visit the German version of this website.