ÖKS Steering Committee

Klimaszenarien.AT is a strategic initiative for the long-term coordination of research activities in the Austrian climate research community, which aims at deriving a new set of climate scenarios for Austria from the results of different research projects. To coordinate this cross-institutional, unpaid cooperation, the so-called “ÖKS Steering Committee” was founded. This steering committee is led by GeoSphere Austria and CCCA and consists of representatives of the following members:

ÖKS Steering Committee Lead


Climate Change Centre Austria

MMag. Katrin Brugger
Dr. Angelika Wolf

Members of the ÖKS Steering Committee

(in alphabetical order as of June 2022)

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Austrian Institute of Technology

Dr. Marianne Bügelmayer-Blaschek

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Weatherpark GmbH

Mag. Simon Tschannett


The ÖKS Steering Committee is open to other members of the Austrian climate research community. To join the Steering Committee, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has to be signed. The MoU expresses the intention of the partners cooperate towards the goal of developing and implementing the new 2026 climate scenarios as a “community effort”. A loose integration of planned and ongoing research projects into the strategic planning of the ÖKS Steering Committee is also possible. This requires coordination with the ÖKS Steering Committee in terms of content and timing.


Advisory Boards

To ensure both scientific quality and user orientation, the ÖKS Steering Committee is accompanied in the development of the new Austrian climate scenarios by two advisory bodies, the Scientific Advisory Board and the Stakeholder Advisory Board.

Stakeholder Advisory Board (June 2023, in alphabet. order):

  • Korbinian BREINL (BML)
  • Andrea GÖSSINGER-WIESER (Land Steiermark) & Markus KOTTEK (Land Kärnten) vertreten die Klimaschutzkoordinator:innen der Bundesländer
  • Stefan HÖGLINGER (APG)
  • Nikolas KOLLER (Medienakademie Österreich)
  • Christian METSCHINA (Landwirtschaftskammer Steiermark)
  • Christian RESCH (DCNA)
  • Andrea SCHMIDT (GÖG)
  • Gernot WÖRTHER (Klima- und Energiefonds)

Scientific Advisory Board (Dec. 2023, in alphabet. order):

  • Janette BESSEMBINDER (The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute – KNMI/ Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)
  • Carlo BUONTEMPO (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts – ECMWF)
  • Francisco DOBLAS-REYES (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
  • Jose Manuel GUTIERREZ (Universität Cantabria)
  • Michiko HAMA (National Centre for Climate Services – NCCS)
  • Daniela JACOB (Climate Service Center Germany – GERICS)
  • Sven KOTLARSKI (MeteoSwiss)
  • Carol McSWEENEY (MetOffice)

Financial support

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